Lifestyle, art and design

Los Angeles, November

"Alcantara, A Ride Into Lifestyle" took place in the heart of Los Angeles on November 29: the very exclusive event, held during the Los Angeles International Auto Show, aimed at highlighting and emphasizing the now essential fusion with fashion, design, style and trends and the extreme versatility of the material, which have made Alcantara's luxury lifestyle a global, wide-ranging and multifaceted concept. The evening was held in the magnificent Petersen Automotive Museum, one of the largest car museums in the world specialized in presenting the history of the automobile. Big names in the industry, celebrities, designers, influencers and the international press personally experienced and appreciated the many souls of Alcantara, interpreted by an unprecedented artistic installation. The gigantic Gulliver-effect objects were created by Rebecca Moses: an oversized bag with wheels instead of feet and a shoulder strap made woven tire strips; the shoe with stiletto heel decorated with a steering wheel as a buckle; and the red carpet dress with train, on which a fairytale highway runs with a micro-car on an endless search of a dream.

Falstaff, on stage at Teatro Regio

Turin, November

Alcantara, an ambassador of Italian excellence around the world and a symbol of versatility and a global lifestyle, was honored to take the stage of Teatro Regio with Giuseppe Verdi's Falstaff, which made its debut in 1893 and has arrived in Turin with an original production from Teatro Lirico in Cagliari. Stage director Daniele Abbado created a fresh, fast-paced show that was at times profound and melancholic, all characteristics that are a part of Falstaff and his universe. It is precisely in this context that the Alcantara® curtain was inserted, creating a perfect connection with set elements on stage. Just as unfinished wood planks, intersecting one another, created the circular platform on which the opera took place, in the same way different textures of the Alcantara® Interior collection intersected, forming  a prestigious curtain that helped enhance the poetic, timeless set design. A common denominator -- artisan craftsmanship -- unites  Alcantara and Teatro Regio for the staging of this authentic masterpiece.

Alcantara's lifestyle arrives in Korea

Seoul, October

Last October, the official launch event of Alcantara in Korea took place at the K Contemporary Museum in Seoul. The event, titled "Realize Potential with Alcantara", opened with a speech by Alcantara President and CEO Andrea Boragno. During the event, the versatility of Alcantara® was presented through the countless textures and colors characterizing the products on display that are the result of international collaborations. Through this communication activity, Alcantara aims to further increase its brand awareness in Europe, North America and Asia as well as its global presence.

Isetan dresses up with Alcantara for Italy Week

Tokyo, October

Last October, the well-known Japanese department store ISETAN organized an event dedicated to Italian manufacturing excellence in the menswear sector, launching the "Italia Week" edition, with which it wanted to promote Italian craftsmanship and culture, as well as a passion for design and a commitment to projects related to environmental and social sustainability. Alcantara, an exclusive partner of the project and a global ambassador of Italian excellence in manufacturing, showcased all of its versatility with its unique lifestyle approach.

Milan Fashion Week

Milan, September

Alcantara was the protagonist of Milan Fashion Week with numerous activities, starting with its collaboration with Fuoricinema, a film festival conceived by Cristiana Capotondi and Cristiana Mainardi bringing the excellence of visual arts and an important social message to the general public. On this occasion, Fuoricinema chose to support "Art4Sport", an association founded by Bebe Vio, through proceeds from the market place and a charity auction organized for the gala dinner on September 14 that also featured iconic pieces by Alcantara. On the same day, during Vogue Fashion's Night Out, Alcantara organized an important talk show at the Concept Store in Via Verri based on the theme "The Art of Influencing - Beyond Avant-garde", coordinated by Carlo Ducci of Vogue, Rossella Guasco of FCA and stylist Aquilano.Rimondi. Alcantara could not miss the appointment at Palazzo Morando with the talents selected by Vogue who presented garments and accessories strictly made of Alcantara.

IACI Project - Groundbreaking Ceremony | Laying of the first stone

Nera Montoro, September

The Groundbreaking Ceremony took place at the Alcantara production plant last September 6, laying the first foundation stone to officially launch the expansion plan to significantly increase the company's production capacity in Italy. The so-called IACI project, an acronym of "Increase Alcantara Capacity Installed", had already been communicated to the national and international press as well as to important government organizations in the area in March. The ceremony, which was attended by Akira Umeda (Senior Vice President - General Manager, Manufacturing Division Toray) and Osamu Funabiki (Senior Director for Environment and Safety Toray), kicked off the expansion plan for the production site in Nera Montoro, which will have an important effect on local employment with the hiring of 200 new employees joining the current staff of 598 workers. With the new hires, the company will arrive at nearly 800 employees by the end of 2023.

Transmission | London Design Festival @ V&A

London, September

Alcantara and Ross Lovegrove unveiled Transmission, their latest collaboration, which is on display in the Victoria and Albert Museum’s Tapestries for London Design Festival from 16 September to 8 October 2017. The installation was created by the British designer to mark the fifteenth edition of the annual design event, which brings together the biggest names from the industry to London, for a week-long celebration of design and innovation. British designer Ross Lovegrove, inspired by the Devonshire Hunting Tapestries at the V&A, created Transmission, a spectacular 21-metre-long fluid and free-standing three-dimensional tapestry, which is made entirely from Alcantara®, the renowned Italian material. Created using Alcantara®, a tactile and pliable material, the soft undulating folds of the installation reflect and highlight both colours and forms of the medieval tapestries. The versatility of the material is highlighted in the different methods of treatment, including colouring and embellishment. 

Alcantara® | Fantasy Access Code Shanghai

Shanghai, June

Fantasy Access Code. Alcantara and 5 Artists on a Journey through the Apartment of the Prince is an exhibition promoted and produced by Palazzo Reale (Milan’s Royal Palace) and Alcantara. After the success of its first instalment in Milan during the Art Week and the Salone del Mobile 2017, the exhibition arrives now to Shanghai in a new form, occupying the prestigious spaces of the K11 Art Museum. Curated by Davide Quadrio and Massimo Torrigiani, Fantasy Access Code opens to the public on Thursday 22 June 2017 till 31 August 2017.

Alcantara® | A new touch of style

Milan, June

The Redmond-based company has again chosen Alcantara®, this time for dressing its two new Surface devices in addition to the Surface range. They were presented to the Italian public on June 15 in Milan in the amazing Microsoft House, where design, fashion and technology were the outstanding features of a dynamic, contemporary display, which will stay on show until June 29. This was the venue for the launch event entitled “Surface, a new touch of style” organised by Microsoft and Alcantara to present the Surface Laptop and the new Surface Pro 5. The keyboard of the latter is covered with the 100% Made in Italy material in the new shades of burgundy, cobalt blue and platinum. Live performances during the inaugural evening brought the devices “alive” and created a fresh new atmosphere to celebrate the two brands' co-operation, highlighting their strong commitment to the worlds of art and design, without forgetting the stylish, contemporary touch that characterises them both. The special partner of the evening was Lamborghini with its exciting Huracan, whose interior is beautifully dressed in Alcantara®.

Alcantara® | Sustainability Renaissance

Bologna, June

On the occasion of the G7 Environment, held in Bologna 5-12 June and involving various activities, Alcantara inaugurated “Alcantara Sustainability Renaissance”, an exhibition curated by designer Gentucca Bini, in Palazzo d’Accursio. The exhibition has brought together the past and the future through historical and contemporary works which share the same cultural and artistic value; its purposed is to focus the attention of the seven major economies and of the exhibition's visitors on Alcantara's commitment to sustainability. A time-honoured symbol of the finest Italian manufacturing and the importance of sustainability, Alcantara was certified Carbon Neutral in 2009, having fully defined, reduced and compensated its CO2 emissions.

Alcantara® | Wanted Design

New York, May

Alcantara celebrated creativity at Wanted Design Manhattan with Sony, Ligne Roset, Fontana Arte, Alessi, Alpi and Mohawk Group.

Alcantara® | Store Shanghai

Shanghai, April

Alcantara® is honored to celebrate the opening of Alcantara Store in Shanghai inside the luxury shopping destination - Shanghai Village. Situated in the heart of Shanghai International Tourism and Resorts Zone and adjacent to Shanghai Disney Resort, it is the most creative Village from Value Retail, the developer and operator of award-winning Bicester Village near London. A place that gives birth to an unparalleled shopping experience combining leading international brands, elegant architecture, five star guest services, dining, art and culture. Alcantara Store in Shanghai is a place where the shopping experience lives together with art, one of the keystones of Alcantara’s competitive strategy. The space offers in fact the possibility not only to buy iconic pieces of Alcantara collection but also to enter into a museum in progress where Art installations become integral part of the world of Alcantara. This is the second Alcantara Store after the one located in Milan, in the heart of Milan’s fashion quarter.

Alcantara® Corner Lounges | Audi City Lab

Milan, April

For the 2017 Milan Design Week Alcantara partnered Audi in an original creative project open to the public at Audi City Lab, Corso Venezia 11, the avant-garde exhibition and meeting space which explores the new frontiers of artificial intelligence applied to the most diverse fields. Audi presented the Italian launch of its sophisticated RS 5 Coupé, with Alcantara upholstery on the door panels and the technological state-of-the-art in terms of onboard infotainment and driving assistance systems. In this context, Alcantara is undoubtedly an innovator and a source of creative inspiration for contemporary lifestyle models. Hence this partnership to create an innovative design for the furnishing of a number of areas – Alcantara® Corner Lounges – of the 2017Audi City Lab in a mixture of art, design and technology through a collaborative project involving Ross Lovegrove, Arturo Tedeschi and Ilaria Colombo, and Moroso, one of the leading players in the interior design sector.

Alcantara & TheArsenale | Design Week

Milan, April

To celebrate the official launch of the platform in Italy, which took place on April 6 at the Alcantara Concept Store, Via Verri 8 in Milan, right in the pulsing heart of the Fashion District, Alcantara and TheArsenale presented three unique products: the first TheArsenale Annual Book 2016/17, a smart car and a Velorapida e-bike. The common denominator? Alcantara® material and its extraordinary capacity to become anything the imagination desires. It’s all on display at the Alcantara Concept Store, 300 square meters conceived to welcome creativity and act as a special showcase offering previews of trends, innovations, ideas, and designs.

Alcantara House | Design Week

Milan, April

Alcantara – the undisputed star of the modern lifestyle, acclaimed for the unmistakable luxury touch it gives to cars, yachts and private jets – has transformed its concept store on Via Pietro Verri with a new display focused on its latest interior collection, Wanderlust. German designer Sebastian Herkner drew inspiration from Greek mythology for his unprecedented designs and textures, which many leading Italian furniture producers such as Minotti, Molteni, Eumenes and La Palma have chosen to upholster their iconic pieces. They embody the innate elegance which has always distinguished Italian interior design. The power of this creative energy has generated a living home where interior design and fashion articles, cushions and home collection accessories live side-by-side with sketches and murals executed by the skilled hand of artist and stylist Rebecca Moses, in a perfect blend of fashion and interior design. An explosion of colour, and cushions are the new jewels! An eclectic style merges with modern and classic vibes and even has a surprising surrealist vein. The “MesDemoiselles”, almost life-like mannequins designed by Rebecca Moses and realized by the famous American mannequin manufacturer Ralph Pucci, take the stage. These exotic, unique “girls” are symbols of an undefined style and beauty. For their Italian adventure, they will be the occupants who welcome and enchant Casa Alcantara’s guests in a celebration of diversity and the global woman. Once again, Alcantara shows sensitivity towards creative talents from across the world who share a passion for such an exceptionally versatile material.

Alcantara | Fantasy Access Code

Milan, March

Fantasy Access Code. Alcantara and 6 artists on a journey through the Apartment of the Prince is an exhibition promoted and produced by the Municipality of Milan – Culture, Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace) and Alcantara, designed especially for the rooms of the Apartment of the Prince, open to the public from Tuesday 28 March to Sunday 30 April 2017. Alcantara’s third exhibition project at Palazzo Reale, Fantasy Access Code is the second show in a cycle curated by Davide Quadrio and Massimo Torrigiani, aimed at reinterpreting a space with strong historical connotations along contemporary lines. The company, which produces and sells Alcantara® worldwide, in this new project continues the exploration of the expressive potential offered by its material through the work of some of the most refined and sensitive artists of our day: all from different creative spheres, they were invited to address the specificities of a unique medium, in the quite exceptional context of the Apartment of the Prince.

Key of the sea built by the wave: a joint project of Alcantara and Andrey Bartenev

Moscow, March

Alcantara and world-famous artist Andrey Bartenev presents a joint project at RuArts gallery. The unique exposition of artworks, created by master of synthetic performance Andrey Bartenev from Alcantara material® opened in Moscow. Alcantara® material, that has an endless potential and which is able to take any form and color, made it possible to turn the extraordinary ideas of the author of the project to life. Thanks to its unique versatility and rich color range, Alcantara® has become an integral part of creative community worldwide. Pure works of art united by the same topic of The Sea: “Key of the sea built by the wave” installation and costumes with unusual names: Electro Medusa, Sea-Star Shemrock, Loop of the way Samurai. Andrey Bartenev will demonstrate the collection himself as well wearing a spectacular “Fish tales” costume.

Alcantara MAXXI| LOCAL ICONS - Urban Landscapes. North-South

Rome, February

Eight cities and a voyage from the North to the South through new urban landscapes. With LOCAL ICONS. Urban landscapes north/south (3-26 February 2017), an exhibition curated by Giulio Cappellini and Domitilla Dardi, authors Form Us With Love, Great Things to People, Gustavo Martini, Steven Haulenbeek, Marc Thorpe, Liliana Ovalle, Birsel + Seck e Ilkka Suppanen interpret eight cities, in an ideal dialogue between the world’s northern and southern regions. At MAXXI from 3 to 26 February 2017, LOCAL ICONS. Urban Landscapes north/south is the third and final stop in a trip in search of images defining places of remembrance specific to a culture, in order to re-examine them in light of new projects. After having captured Rome’s soul in 2015 and comparing the cultural essence of eastern and western metropolises in 2016, this creative reinterpretation project of local icons now shines a light on northern and southern cities of the world.

Alcantara DAMn | In-formation by Ross Lovegrove

Cologne, January

For the second year in a row Alcantara celebrates Art and Design at imm Cologne (16th 22nd January 2017), by introducing a special project in partnership with the worldwide recognized British designer Ross Lovegrove. The inspiration behind Ross Lovegrove’s project came from a trip some years ago to the historic site of Petra, in Jordan. Stirred by the rock strata and deposits in and around the site, the formations have stayed vivid in his memory ever since. In collaboration with DAMN° Magazine, “In-formation” is the result of an extraordinary combination using countless shades of natural colours - that also evokes the Grand Canyon and other natural wonders - made by a special airbrushing treatment done directly on to the material. This kind of treatment, used for the very first time on the material surface, was made possible thanks to the mastery of a street artist, who painted on Alcantara as though it was a canvas.

The King and I - Shanghai

Shanghai, January

With this exhibition Alcantara presents a contemporary take on the atmosphere of a space full of historical connotations with a project conceived to engage and amaze. The King and I presents works created specially by nine international artists from different creative worlds. This encounter between art, theatre, sound and fashion creates an experimental path around Alcantara® material and the project’s venue, the Apartment of the Prince. The artists are: Maurizio Anzeri, Arthur Arbesser, Paola Besana, Gentucca Bini, Matthew Herbert, Taisuke Koyama, Francesco Simeti, Adrian Wong & Shane Aspegren.