Alcantara |Symposium on Sustainability and Corporate Value

Following the success registered by last two year’s editions, titled respectively “Sustainability and automotive value chain” and “The automotive ecosystem on the global road to sustainability, the Asian perspective”, the company is yet the organizer and promoter of 2016 International Symposium on Sustainability, in partnership with Nikkei, the VIU (Venice International University) and the Waseda University, with the support of The society of global Business. Is there any value in sustainability for corporations? Is it realistic to consider sustainability as a competitive advantage and not just a cost or an obligation? Can profits, long-term investments and sustainable behaviors co-exist? How do we combine stakeholders’ interests and shareholders’ goals? The above and other related topics have been addressed during the Sustainability and Corporate Value International Symposium. During an intensive one-day workshop, top-level international speakers coming from prestigious companies and academies discussed the subject from different angles. Major experts from Academia, Industry and NGOs underlined the imminent need to harmonize sustainability regulations among Asia, Europe and USA:

Academic contributors:

Prof. Naoto Onzo - Vice President for Public Relations, and Professor, Faculty of Commerce, Waseda University
Prof. Fabrizio Ferraro - Professor of Strategic Management, IESE Business School
Prof. Yasuhiro Daisho – Chairperson, The Research Organization for Next Generation Vehicles, and Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University
Prof. Michael B. Goodman, Director, MA in Corporate Communication and Director, CCI Corporate Communication International, Baruch College, The City University of New York
Prof. Tomoki Oshika – Professor, Waseda University, and expert of sustainability and investors relations
Dr. Takashi Inoue - President and CEO of Inoue Public Relations Inc. & Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University
Industry and other organizations contributors:

Mr. Satoshi Nagashima - Senior and Managing Partner, Roland Berger
Mr. Hidemitsu Sasaya - Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility Promotion department and Managing Executive Officer, Ito En
Mr. Toru Saito – President, Audi Japan
Mr. Duane Forrester - Vice President, Bruce Clay Inc.
Ms. Elsa Palanza - Director of Commitments, Clinton Global Initiative
Mr. Manfredi Ricca - Chief Strategy Officer, Interbrand - EMEA and LatAm
Mr. Uichiro Niwa - Chairperson, The Society of Global Business, former “Japanese Ambassador to China”, and President and Chairman, Itochu
Mr. Satoshi Takeyasu - Communication Advertising and Citizenship Director, Groupwide Brand Communications Division, Panasonic
Mr. Yasuharu Ishikawa - President and Chief Executive Officer, Stripe international
Mr. Masahito Namiki - Chief Strategy Officer, Interbrand - Japan
Mr. Masaru Arai - Senior Consultant, Hermes Investment
Mr. Ricardo Grassi - Senior Consultant, Communication and Information Sector, UNESCO
Mr. Leo Lewis – Tokyo Correspondent of Financial Time
Mr. Susumu Emori - Senior Managing Director, Sanrio