Chairman's Letter

The road to sustainability starts from far away. Like any respectable commitment, sustainability is about future. And the first requirement to deal with future is a complete awareness of our own identity and responsibility.

As company and as individuals.

Alcantara means excellence with no exceptions: in the products we design, in the way we think and produce them, in the partners we choose and in how we work with them. Excellence is much more than a qualification: excellence is a culture, an extraordinary vision able to turn everything it touches into something unique and unrepeatable.

Just like Alcantara.

And if being excellent represents an ambitious goal, staying excellent is an even tougher challenge. This is why every day we pledge to nourish our people, purposes and products with new horizons, by consciously embracing diversity, knowledge and innovation within a harmonious system based on social, economic and environmental balance. This is the way we want to build up our future.

Since not only we are responsible for what we do and how we do it: we feel responsible.

Andrea Boragno,
Chairman and CEO of Alcantara S.p.A.