Sustainability projects

Alcantara’s commitment on sustainability has been reflected over the years through a long series of actions and interventions related to all three dimensions of corporate sustainability: economic, social and environmental.

The most significant milestones of this process - along with new goals - are represented by the following points:


Alcantara codifies and starts an auditing activity to its suppliers, in order to verify their compliance with the requirements of SA8000.


Alcantara converts its energy sourcing to a supply of energy from exclusively renewable sources (through the REC system).


Alcantara installs an advanced phyto-treatment system downstream of the production plant in order to reduce, in a natural way, the transferral of waste sludge in the dump outside the plant.


A High-Performance cogeneration plant installed in the production unit goes online. Engineered by Cofely, this state-of-the-art system produces thermal energy as a by-product of electric power, thereby reducing wastage and CO2 emissions.


Operational research began into an alternative production process with a lower energetic and environmental impact.


Completion of the first phase (industrial testing) of the project launched in 2013 designed to further reduce the environmental impact and energy consumption of the production process; start of research into bio-based raw materials.


A product was launched that came from a project that began in 2013, aimed at further reducing the environmental impact and energy consumption of the production process. Research was also completed into a product to be made from fibres sourced from a partially bio-based raw material.

Alcantara is committed every day in favour of a culture of Health and Safety that largely exceeds the system of certifications and, more generally, of legal obligations, representing an example of excellence in the area. 

Today Alcantara’s commitment on sustainability is focused on the following: 

• Maintenance and upgrading of the above-mentioned achievements
• Constant monitoring of recycled raw materials
• Measurement of its Water Footprint
• Development of the Sustainability Report in 2.0 (Web Reporting).