Proudly Italian, proudly global

High technology and artisanship. These are the two basic ingredients of Alcantara success worldwide and across several industries. Quality, innovation and attention to details are the main goals we persistently pursue all along. It is not by chance that every single meter of Alcantara comes to life in the heart of Italy, from our cutting-edge production site located in the middle of Umbrian hills.

Epitome of absolute excellence and prestige, Alcantara is proud to be among the strongest advocates and ambassadors of the authentic Made in Italy worldwide.

Beauty. A state of mind

Thanks to its privileged long-lasting relationship with the multifaceted world of design, Alcantara boasts a special attitude to elegance, style and beauty. A true state of mind that the company moulds every day in countless, unexpected shapes, encompassing all the highest expressions of creativity: fashion, home décor, automotive, yachting, hi-tech, to name a few.

No matter whether a suit, a sofa, a handbag, a tablet case or the seat of a car: like in a magical, ancestral ritual, anything that is touched by Alcantara turns into something unique and unrepeatable.

Opposites attract and complement each other

Alcantara embodies the harmonious synthesis of opposite drives: aesthetics and functionality, strength and lightweight, softness and performances. Constant innovation in our laboratories allows us to develop a combination of features that goes to the limit of paradox, a dichotomy made by shape and material which Alcantara translates and conveys with absolute uniqueness, turning the contrast into pure excellence. Alcantara is beautiful and comfortable, but also extremely resistant, enduring and easy to keep, even though its delicate appearance suggests exactly the opposite. It's light, versatile, breathable and it could turn into endless customizations, keeping its innate properties. No other material today is able to ensure the same features at the same time and this is why Alcantara is always the choice of the best.

By turning every day gestures and pleasures into an extraordinary experience, Alcantara sets a new paradigm of contemporary lifestyle, proper of those who want to fully enjoy the products they use on a daily basis in complete respect for the environment.

Seriously sustainable

Our road to sustainability has deep roots. Among the first companies in Europe acknowledged as completely sustainable, in 2009 we reached the ambitious Carbon Neutrality certification by TÜV SÜD international authority, having defined, reduced and offset all the CO2 emissions derived from our production activity. In 2010 we realized the first middle and long term Sustainability Report, which constitutes an instrument of absolute transparency which only few companies could really claim. In 2011 we reached a further goal: the 100% Carbon Neutrality, having extended the analysis to the whole product lifecycle, including also use and disposal phases and all corporate emissions ("from cradle to grave"). 

Like any respectable commitment, sustainability is about future. Since more than 40 years, future is our direction and we have no intention of stopping.